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About the Book

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            York Ryder is a photojournalist assigned to cover the visit of US State Secretary John Berzowski to the Philippines. When a bomb explosion killed the secretary and his USDOS delegation at the Manila Hotel, Ryder found himself working on a new assignment—this time helping the CIA Manila Station locate the killers of the American diplomats.

            There’s one problem that prevents Ryder from accomplishing his mission. The CIA and the US intelligence community have no information on who killed Berzowski. Not even chatters on who hatched the attacks that annihilated half of the USDOS delegation. The British MI6 has no information to share with the CIA, and the Israeli MOSSAD seems not in the mood to assist the Americans. Not knowing their targets, the CIA seeks the assistance of its local counterpart—the National Intelligence Coordinating Agency. NICA’s operational lead produces actionable intelligence, then a joint operation against the Hong Kong-based transnational drug syndicate ensues.

            York Ryder and NICA’s top-secret unit COBRA have four days to stop the Kowloon Dragon from assassinating its next target—the President of the United States.

            The stake is high, and the possible outcome of the terror plot is catastrophic. The CIA must stop the Kowloon Dragon from igniting World War III. Thus, the agency’s strict order to York Ryder is: Terminate With Extreme Prejudice. In the next four days of covert operations, all hell will break loose, and wherever Ryder goes, blood trails will follow him. 

            Project GrandSlam & The Zhongguo Orchestra isn’t only a political-thriller-espionage novel that covers the volatile conflict in Southeast Asia. It’s also a faith-based story and tells how York Ryder receives his inner peace amid doom and boom. After years of searching, he finally discovers the true meaning of life. And he finds his salvation in the Philippines, of all places. Truly, miracle still happens today.

The wait is over. Project GrandSlam & The Zhongguo Orchestra is here!

Thrilling and entertaining like the experience on a crazy roller coaster ride!

Thrilling in the extreme. A different breed of Christian spy novel.

Project GrandSlam & The Zhongguo Orchestra

is a definite page-turner! 


World War III is inevitable. Find out what is really happening in the South China Sea. 

Project GrandSlam & The Zhongguo Orchestra tells it all!



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